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At Destination Vancouver we’re here to help you sell one of the world’s most spectacular destinations to your clients, with an interactive online training program designed to expand your knowledge (and increase your sales).

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Welcome to Vancouver

We do things a little differently here. On the edge of the Pacific Coast where the city skyline is intertwined with nature, we offer fresh air and even fresher perspectives.

With the right balance of outdoor play and inner peace; through music and culture, food and activities, similarities and differences, we draw people in with our beauty and bucket-lists, but keep them coming back with our inclusive nature and open minds.

Whether your clients are solo travellers, a family, or visiting with a group, there’s just something about Vancouver that inspires you to see things differently. That’s why we’ve developed this interactive online program, so that you can learn about what makes our city so special and share it with your clients. Together we'll help you to sell Vancouver more effectively and create memorable experiences for your clients along the way.

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For a quick glimpse of what to expect from this program, see our fill course list below and sign up to get started.

For a quick glimpse of what to expect from this program, see our full course list below and sign up to start your journey today.